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City of Venera


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This is the coast district of the near futuristic City of Venera. Venera is a city built in micro scale, a street has a size of 0.72 inch resp. 1.83 cm. The ground of the city is built in the Studs-not-on-top-, briefly SNOT-technique and rounded off with Slope Bricks. The buildings then were fixed on SNOT-Bricks with Studs on Side.

The coast district of the city consists of an cargo harbour with a landing stage for freighters and a cargo storage. Two dockside cranes care for the charging of freight. A beach with neighboring luxury apartments is well existing. A MonoRail-Railway-Track  take course parallel to the street. There are two different types of MonoRail-Trains, one for passengers and one for freight. In the back side of the city stands a luxury hotel with parkway, a building site where an office block is assembled, and a plaza with fountain and promenade.



-Used Parts: ca. 1580 (but I used many 1x2 Bricks, so don´t count on this value!)


                               Longitude           Latitude              Altitude

Studs                    30                           54                           20

Metric (cm)        23.81                     42.23                     15.24

Imperial               9.38                       16.63                     6.00

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