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High-Tech Base


Whether you choose to defend your Minifigures from attacking ships, have them play on a computer, or arm them with thermal detonators, the high-tech base is prepared for anything.

This "space base" which was originally inspired by a friendly building competition. It began as a "prototype" of the turret ledge (personally my favorite section), and recently I have been working on the rest, via physical LEGO bricks and Bricklink's "Studio 2.0."

It contains
  • a computer area, featuring a screen, mouse, radar, and office chair
  • an "elevator" to get from the main floor to the roof
  • an armory with a screen, double-gun, walkie-talkie, wrench, binoculars, and numerous thermal detonators
  • several antennas
  • a spinning turret with posable stud launchers

Please click "support," and thanks to all who do!

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