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Rolling BB-8 !!


As BB-8 Draws closer to 10K


Design update with new Features for Rolling BB-8 !

This video demonstrates what we've been working on since posting Rolling BB-8

The new features and design elements are:

BB-8 (111 Pieces):

  • BB-8's insides have been revamped with new colors, tweaks to the weight arrangement, and control panels and "lights" to give a more robotic appearance.
  • BB-8 now has a slot to carry a data drive, which may or may not contain a map to the location of a famed Jedi. Tiny levers are used to keep the data drive in its slot during play.

 Desert Base Station (133 Pieces):

  • The wheels in the rolling pad are now smoother and are geared together which gives much better traction. 
  • The storage bin is larger, has a slide over pop up top, and is in an easier to get to location (used to be between the wheels).
  • And to add to the fun, the desert creature (Nightwatcher Worm) that can be seen in the movie as BB-8 is fleeing in the first part of the movie now lives in the base with its eerie red eyes.  The creature pops up from under the sand by turning a lever.  

Design ideas we are continuing to work on:

  • Give BB-8 his notable two antennas
  • Lower BB-8's head so it sits closer to the Body
  • And if possible, make BB-8 Omni directional

Thank you for all the support!

Artbot138 and I are greatly appreciative for all the support our little Rolling BB-8 has received so far, and for all the incredibly nice comments.  Thank you all!   



Such Incredible Support! - Just passed the Halfway Point!

Please stand by for a special transmission from the Resistance: “More than 5,000 supporters have amassed on the Lego Ideas site. Your support has been vital in the success of our mission! Please continue to spread the news of our project across the holonet (via Lego Ideas and social media). Your support is appreciated. You are our only hope.” – James and Mark

Thank you for all the support Rolling BB-8 has received; we genuinely appreciate it.  We are working on a few things for this fun project and will post an update once we get them completed.  The first two items are:

  • A parts list and basic instructions for building our initial prototype (some parts are rather rare)
  • A small update to the base that will help BB-8 roll a little smoother.

Thanks again for all the worldwide support! 


Thank you for all the Support! - 1/3 of the way!

We have been blown away by all the support that our little Rolling BB-8 has received, to which we would like to thank you all! With coverage in Gizmodo, Action Figure Insider, Popular Science, Tech Crunch, Slash Gear, Popular Mechanics, Nerdist, a few dozen others, and even an interview from Rebel Scum and Aggressive Comix, we truly feel honored by all the exposure. 
We continue to work on the prototype and if we make any breakthroughs with the design, we will certainly post an update. 

Thanks to all again for all the support!

Mark and James

P.S. Here is a version of the video that should play in Germany:

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