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Spooky Story Classic - The School Bus


Come with Ghost Cookies - Spookies?

Might comes with Glow-in-the Dark printing four round 1x1 flat tiles ghost cookies.

Ghost kids get hungry too.


More ideas used this spooky School Bus.

A perfect size for this spooky bus adds to my MOC spooky park.

Anyone can use the bus in any Lego or MOC cities you like.



Another inspiring for Spooky School Bus

 It's too late to get off. “Sorry, son,” says the driver, closing the door. Why do the kids have such empty, haunted gazes? He scared and as the bus picks up speed, he forces the door open and tumbles out.

This is one of the other inspiring I read from a 1996 spooky classic kids book.


Spooky Girl's Unlucky 13 T-shirt


                               Unlucky 13 T-shirt and Skirt

This is one of the design T-shirt made for Spooky Girl.


Accessories Extra for the Spooky Bus

Might be accessories extra to decorate the bus?


The School Bus Prints

Come with two kinds of prints to choose - Normal or Spooky SCHOOL BUS.


Not all buses’ bonnets are yellow.

Not all buses’ bonnets are yellow or radiator grille black. I was inspiring from one of this spooky bus.


New Use For The School Bus.

My ideal is to play a multipliable use in one set. I don't want just a school bus; there is other to choose from to play as.

1. School Field Trip Bus 
2. Summer Camp Bus
3. Prison Bus
4. Lego City Bus Tour 

Playing other sets:
5. Solving mystery with Scooby Doo.
6. Busting ghosts with Ghostbusters.
7. Halloween bus tour in Lego City.

Or just make your own:
8. Reenact movie from the classic children ghost stories.
9. Reenact magic time travel school bus.
10. Display scenery.

 Halloween bus tour in Lego City.

Seating five Minis or four Minis and storage space for extra items.