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Spooky Story Classic - The School Bus


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  Do you remember when you reading or watching a show about that strange spooky girl mysterious disappears in thin air, after someone dropping her off front of a bus stop? Or maybe, teen accidental and then realize got on a very wrong old school bus and found out it is haunted? If not, spook yourself by built this little set THE SCHOOL BUS for your collections.

 Similar to the Friends’ performance arts school bus, this redesigned from the inside and out is specially made only for Minifigures. It includes every detail like a side door, emergency door, transparent dark brown windows, grey seats, and tradition black strips to the old flame yellowish orange mini bus. . .to added spooky effect. Inspire by a classic children ghost story. It also makes a perfect size for any Lego city.



  • The Old Bus Driver / Glowing-in-the-Dark Head
  • Spooky Girl Passenger / Might wearing a unlucky 13 T-shirt and Skirt
  • Accidental Boy Passenger / Book Backpack and Two Side Faces (smiley and fright)

Building Construct Parts:

  • The School Bus
  • Bus Stop Sign


  • Removable Roof
  • Open / Close Side Door
  • Seating five Minis or four Minis and storage space for extra items
  • Choice play as: High School - Teens / Middle School - Children (short leg to stand-up)

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