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Eagle Transporter From Gerry Anderson's Space: 1999


Au Revoir!

With about a day to go I'm obviously not going to make the next milestone, but I'm more than happy with 2000+ supporters and thank you to everyone who's taken the time to support this project. I shall consider whether to resurrect this one again down the line but for now it's goodbye from me!


The Big Bang Theory!

Well I never. I've been catching up on The Big Bang Theory and what should I see in season 8?! Only an Eagle Transporter in Howard and Bernadette's apartment! Small world!



Gave the cover a spot of speed thanks to some handy paint software tools that I tripped across when I realised nothing is free image wise any more! Here's hoping it launches me towards 1999 supporters as a minimum!


One year on!

Well it's been an eventful year to say the least and so the Eagle reaches its first birthday! Will it see another? Well that's up to you and your friends! Let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like to see change (so far as I can of course). I'm starting to look at taking it on the road again if circumstances permit but I'll transport it much more carefully next time as the first time it ended up looking like one of the many crashed Eagles from the show!


Beyond the Brick Interview

I plucked up the courage to do an interview in person with the lovely Beyond the Brick team, enjoy!


New front cover

Greetings all. So I thought I'd update the cover image to show more detail about the project from the get-go, with an Eagle lifting off having dropped a pod and with the buggy on its way out to explore. I'm honestly not sure if she'll get to 10000 from here but 5000 would be a great result. So if you can share around and about that would be greatly appreciated, and do reach out on Twitter if you have any ideas for new cover images - there's a long way to go yet! Thanks for all your support!


That's 1000!

A massive thank you to everyone who's voted to support so far, I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor as there's been a bit of a surge towards 1100 supports off the back of Facebook posts thanking people for 1000 supports! The set will now see breakaway day this year, and will still be gathering support into 2022 which is terrific! Hopefully there'll be chance to get it out into the wild a little more soon too. Thank you as ever for all your support, please do share the project and let's see how long it takes to hit 5000!


Merry Christmas!

Merry festivities to one and all. As the project approaches the 1000 mark (thank you!) and we approach 2021, I thought I'd leave you with a size comparison as I recently completed the rather epic 1989 Batmobile! Have fun!


Two new videos!

So I've been brave, and you can now hear my dulcit tones as I show you my prototype in action (!) and once again as Club Brick has very kindly pulled together another video with a voiceover from yours truly. Enjoy, and please spread the word! Thank you!


A very old friend...

As I've mentioned before, once upon a time I had a Dinky Eagle, die cast metal and plastic, and I only let it go about 15 years ago - they date from 1975. Now, you remember that Starfighter I showed you last month? In the same store, buried under other Dinky items, I saw a very familiar command module. In a box. This was not a purchase I made immediately because they don't come cheap, but I realised on seeing it out in the open that it was probably a first edition Dinky Eagle Transporter - essentially identical to the one I let go of 15 years ago, but in far better condition. Well, it would have been rude not to, and so here is my 2020 LEGO Eagle Transporter alongside the 1975 Dinky Eagle Transporter. It's a funny old world! In case you're wondering, no, the Eagles were never actually green in Space 1999 - but apparently Dinky felt kids preferred toys with more colour. I'm not sure LEGO do the all the necessary parts in green, but let me know in the comments if you want me to CGI one up!

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