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Beach Coffee Shop

Your colourful Beach Coffee Shop is here for you to build and play!

I got inspired for this idea by the recent lockdown result of the unfortunate COVID-19 situation and the fact I'm missing going to the local beach coffee shop to enjoy the sea view and a nice sunset.

The Beach Coffee Shop is that small cozy place at your local sandy beach where you can grab a drink, an ice cream or have a light snack before heading to the surf waves, or laying down on the beach for a relaxing sunbath.

This cool set features:
  • A small café building fully equipped with kitchen equipment for the wannabe "chef" to prepare her delicious meals, and a cozy bed at the attic level that is reachable with a clever stair system embedded in the wall.

  • A perfect terrace patio style with a screen structure to protect the tourists from the winds, which includes 2 tables with a parasol each.

  • A surf instructor with a set of surfboards for rental, where several surfboards are available and storaged on a central place to catch the attention of the tourists.

  • A tourist ready for a dive on the calm sea and his kids, a baby and toddler, playing on the sand.

  • Two sets of 2 beach lounge chairs with table and parasol to enjoy and relaxing sunbathing and sunset.

  • And a lot of accessories, such as the kitchen wear, a mobile POS system, the parrot, and a lot of leaves and plants.

  • Last, but not least, the beach coffee shop is eco-friendly since it sits on a wooden structure to minimize the impact to the sand dunes.

For now, the Beach Coffee Shop is a medium set with 650 lego pieces that can be easily optimised to fit around the 69$ price tag (or even less), making it an indispensable set in any lego collection to build, play and to collect.

In summary, the Beach Coffee Shop is a perfect match that goes along with any other Lego set theme such as Lego City, Creator 3-in-1, Creator Expert, or any other themed set for any age above 6+... including AFOLs.

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