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Zombies survival set


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I propose my idea, a city after a zombie apocalypse. There is 2 buildings and 8 minifigures. It's a completely playable set thanks to many "hidden tricks" (see pics).


Including : 

Building 1 :  - Crashed car in the wall 

                  -  Apartment with a falling floor, a hidden gun under bed, a phone, a cupboard and a picture

                  - Garden with a bench and newspaper


Building 2 :  - Billboard, red light , garbage can and fire hydrant

                   - Store with a falling shelf,checkout, beverage dispenser and table

                   - Office with desk and computer 

                  - Attic with shelf and cardboard


Minifigures :

-2 zombies and 1 skeleton

-1 dog

-Family of survivor (mom, dad, son and friend)


Thank you for your support !

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