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Small Town Parade

In many small towns, there is the local festival that has a parade.  Here we have the parade float that every girl in LEGO town wants to be on some day - the Flower Festival Princess float.  Wearing a beautiful dress and a sparkling tiara, the festival princess holds her wand in one hand while waving to the adoring parade watchers with the other hand.  (The family dog seems more interested in the fire hydrant than the princess, though.)  Her simple but classy float is decorated with flowers (it is the Flower Festival, after all) and is pulled by a driver in his faithful pick up truck.  She is also accompanied by a police escort riding a horse - because horses are often a feature of the small town parade.  After the parade, the officer will let the boy with the teddy bear come over and meet the horse.

This parade was inspired by my Flower Delivery Truck set (which you can vote for here:  The footprint of this build is 16 studs x 32 studs and it contains 573 pieces.

This would make a great set because so many LEGO cities seem to be focused on urban life with bustling activity in the metropolis.  It's about time that the fun of a small town was represented in a LEGO set.  Plus, everyone like a good parade!

Come and join the celebration at the Flower Festival - and vote for this set!

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