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Minifigure Scale London Underground Train


THE most iconic underground train reimagined in LEGO.

This minifigure scale train has three carriages, which has space to potentially include Powered UP functionality. The doors slide open and the carriage roofs come off to allow minifigures on and off the train. 

I made this model back when I was living abroad, and I was missing London. The tube is one of the most recognisable things about the city, so I wanted to bring it to life using LEGO. It was fun making this, especially the front of the train, as it was a challenge to get the right shape and still include enough details. 

This set comes with some recognisable commuters:

  • The backpacker
  • The classic tabloid intellect
  • The worker tapping away on the laptop
  • The silent disco goers
  • The tourists
  • The phone scrollers
  • The BYOCs (Bring Your Own Coffee) with a pastry of choice.

I think this would be a great model to display but to also play with. I hope you feel the same by showing your support, sharing and commenting. 

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