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Technic Airplane


Spanish version.

A spanish version is now ready in the Lego Technic Airplane microsite.
(Ya está disponible una versión en español del Avión Lego Technic)



Safety and helix design


   The security criteria in the project has been carefully considered. The helix is made in a special design avoiding that the centrifugal force produces the loss of a blade. On the other hand, the gear system uses a friction gear avoiding any possible personal damages in the event of touching the rotating helix. This system protects the motor too.

   The helix is a standard 3 blades 120º design centered in an axle. The blades are secured by a little 2u beam (1X2 W/Cross And Hole) that fixes it to a  doubled Technic Lever unit (3X120) acting as a centre support. This configuration ensures that no blade cannot be ejected by the centrifugal force.

   The front end is decorative and can be eventually replaced by a conical shaped element.

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