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Dark Knight Tumbler

Batman the Dark Knight's Tumbler Batmobile. More in scale to the minifig. The official 7888 Tumbler was grossly out of proportion.

This version is more in scale and cuter.

This is a MOC built by me. Inspired by a AFOL by the name of Pellaeon who came up with the original concept.

The problem is that the front wheels are only available in two Lego sets. 8185 Ferrari Truck and 8165 Ferrari Victory. Both have been discontinued. No other sets have those type of wheels in black.

Also the Dark Knight figure is hard to get now. So hopefully this set will be made so other people can enjoy. Im not sure how this works with regards to licensed intellectual property. Since the Tumbler and Batman are not Lego but DC and WB property. But hopefully Cuusoo can figure those things out.

Most importantly, Batman can fit inside, with his cape still on. No need to remove any parts. There are even two batarang holders inside the cockpit.

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