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Starbucks Coffee

This project is made in collaboration with @2A2A

Starbucks maybe the most well known coffee place in the world.
Other than its coffee and beverages, the brand is also known for its beautiful locations.
Many Starbucks locations has become “must visit” tourist spots of their cities.
Often, they are highlighted by their unique architectural style and harmony with their surroundings.
In this project, we imagined a beautiful Starbucks location for a Lego city~
We believe a lot of Lego fans would love to add a Starbucks to their lego city/ collection!
A unique cafe for your minifigures to hangout and chill; A real brand location to make your lego city feel more fun and grounded.
If you want to add this Lego Starbucks to your collection, please vote by hitting the support button :)
Instead of basing the model on any one specific location, we have looked through some of the most well-known/ beloved Starbucks designs, and tried to capture the aesthetics consistent in them, making a unique coffee place for your Lego city!

Here, the design is based on a classic cozy wooden cabin, with a modernist twist in style.

Let’s take a tour~

  • Of course, the big logo on a plain wall is included. Here, most of the logo is brick-built, with only a 2x2 printed tile for the goddess’s face.
  • An outdoor sitting area is included, with the dark green umbrella for shading.
  • Walk across the cobblestones to the entrance.
  • The ground floor has glass wall surrounding for a modernist touch. This style is seen in many beloved Starbucks locations.
  • Inside, a counter for placing your order, with a cake display nearby.
  • Behind the counter, bread and croissant offerings, a coffee machine, smiling barista, and the menu blackboard/ display.
  • Upstairs, more cozy seatings, and a balcony area with hedges and floral bordering. Enjoy a blueberry cheesecake with the sweet scent of nature here :)
  • Top level offers another outdoor area. Take a second to enjoy your coffee with a great view of the nearby landscapes.

Model features:

Length: 41.2 cm / 16.3”
Width: 28.8 cm / 11.3”
Height: 26.1cm / 10.3”
Piece count: 1646

The model is built on 32x48 studs, and can fit well along other Lego modular sets.
Like modular sets, each floor can be easily detached, for accessing the interior and playing with minifigures.

If you want to add this Starbucks to your lego collection, hit the “support” button~
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