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Apple Store

This project is made in collaboration with @2A2A

The Apple brand is known for their innovative products combining technology with beautiful design.
Other than their iconic devices, the brand is also known for their beautiful Apple store locations.

With a subtle and clean design language, these locations celebrate simplicity and minimalistic beauty. There’s a unique feeling of relaxation and clarity you can only get while visiting Apple stores.
We have built this model to celebrate that beauty, with a brick-built Apple store that can add to your Lego collection.

Why it would make a great lego set:
Both the Apple brand and LEGO celebrates beauty and creativity, the principles and image of the two brands are a great match~
we also believe a lot of lego fans would love to add a LEGO Apple store to their lego city / collection~ While there have been many modular/ city sets, a tech-device store/ technology hub seem to be missing at the moment. This can complete your collection with a stylish model + cool brand tie-in :)

If you want to add this LEGO Apple store to your collection, vote for the project by hitting the “Support” button~
There are hidden “Easter eggs” so make sure to read to the end after hitting support.
The Design
  • This model is not based on any one specific Apple store location. Instead, it is uniquely designed after observing the features and style shared by many iconic store locations.
  • The building features tall glass walls around the front and two sides.
  • The huge apple logo shines in white, placed front and center. These are features seen in most apple stores, contributing to the consistent aesthetics of these locations.
  • Black border “door frames” indicates the entrances.
  • Inside, clean space with friendly staff members in blue t-shirts.
  • The long wooden tables showcasing the latest iPhone, iMac and MacBook.
  • On the shelves, white product packages and headphones (arranged in a floral pattern, seen in many store locations).
  • On the right, indoor Ficus trees in white pot with nougat brim (seen in many real-life store locations).
  • On the left, stairs crossing the boundary of indoor/ outdoor spaces.
  • Upstairs, a display table for colorful Apple Watch, more staff helpers, and a beautiful color gradient screen as backdrop. Many store locations feature similar large display on white wall backgrounds.
The model has a easily detachable roof, for accessing the interior.
The front glass wall can also be disconnected, for more access.
Flip to the back, the upper level and the back-wall can be removed, revealing a hidden surprise~!
Bonus Easter-egg:
Here, a hidden tribute the many iconic devices in Apple’s history:
  • iMac G3
  • iPod mini
  • AirPods
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Vision Pro
These represents the brand’s past, present, and future.
Model size:
Length: 41 cm / 16.1”
Width: 25.6 cm / 10.1”
Height: 15.8 cm / 6.2”
Part count: 1539
Support the project by hitting the “support” button. Bring this Lego Apple store home.

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