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Palm Hill Skate Park


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Welcome to the LEGO City’s most active space!

Large open spaces can be few and far between in the bustling Bricktropolis. In fine weather, after a busy day at work in the constantly booming city centre, this physically engaging location is a premier spot to catch up with your peers and shred the day’s stresses off.

Palm Hill Skate Park encompasses a large half pipe with a higher vert side, a seven stair set, fun-box, curved grind box and grind rails. This skate spot can play host to most styles of skating, scooter and BMX riding with ease.

Palm Hill Skate Park offers more that just a place to shred too! In need of a new set of bearings? How about a new deck? Maybe some tunes playing out over the skate park? Well, Old Skool Matt has all you need to keep you moving in the right direction, in his handy dandy skate shop.

This vibrant skate park is built upon the large 48x48 stud baseplate, which to date, has only appeared in a handful of sets! Built off the same principle and connectivity as the other Modular Buildings in the LEGO range, this set will bring other options to your own modular city, allowing for alleys and parking spaces behind your rows of shops.

Play features:
  • Removable billboard, lights and palm trees to assist in gaining easy access to all angles of the park.
  • Removable roof of the skate shop to help Old Skool Matt assist his customers.
  • Lots of smooth surfaces to help your Minifigs skate freely.
  • Brick built smart phone stand and transparent handles to assist in filming your favourite skate tricks in stop motion!
  • Swap out the curved grind box for a grind rail to customise your own style.

This Playset pays homage to the creative world of physical achievement found in many real life cities, and the courageous pioneers setting their own goals.

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates, Thanks again and please feel free to share this project to help make it a true possibility!

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