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Alpine Chalet


Thank you!!

Dear friends, dear Lego fans, I really would like to thank you all for your votes, for your comments and for your support.
This has been my first try on the site, my first MOC since when I was a child and... I've tryed!
Your interaction with me, through your ideas, your suggestions and your kindness have been the engine for new ideas and for the courage to bring them to life; real beautiful moments.
​I strongly hope that you all can continue to build, to dream, to design and to play with other people, with your families, with yourselves.
Do not stop your fantasy; let it growing!
Thanks again, friends!!
And have nice Lego-days. :)


Renders in the real life

Hello world! :)

I just would like to propose some renders, to give an idea about this chalet in the real life.

I've designed a reduction of the total amount of bricks, but in this project I've kept the whole structure as it's been proposed.
Internal parts aren't been changed, as well as the garden has been kept as in the original design.
In the "real life", the chalet has been provided with internal lighting, as shown in the pictures.

Thank you all for your interest in this project.


The reason of the chains

Some people asked me about the purpose of the chains.

Well, actually this solution is not so commonly used.
The chains are used as gutters; in many alpine houses, gutters are replaced with chains, made by inox steel or, sometimes, by a particular iron alloy; this allows the falling of the water without producing to much noise during rainy days.
In some cases, chains are hanged directly to a gargoyle that seems to spit the water on the chain itself.
The end parts of the chains are usually placed in a garden, among the flowers or directly inside the ground.
In the diorama in which i've placed the building, chains are pending above the rock of the mountain that acts as a base for the chalet.
I love mountain houses ;) and I'm trying to reproduce some of the solutions found in those architectures... :D

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