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Alpine Chalet


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Hi all!

This idea comes from different passions: of course the passion for the LEGO bricks, the creativity they bring and the hours of dreams they allow to realise.

But the project also comes from the passion for the mountain... a passion that I share with my wife, along with the love for "our" bricks.

My wife usually shares with me many chalet pictures of different kind; on september, 2015, I've had the idea to try to build something that could represent some of the constructive solutions I've seen in many pictures (for example, a floor used as a "cleaning entrance", a floor dedicated to the relax, an external wall decorated with wood tiles and so on).

Actually, at the beginning I hadn't idea about the building methods I could use to realise the details I had in my mind but... I strongly wanted to try!

My last MOC was dated 1982 and its accurancy was, at least, questionable; with this project, I absolutely didn't claim to realise an outstanding building; I just wanted to give a shape to my idea.

My wife's been excited by the project and decided to help me and, more important, to support the idea and the effort to actually realise the building.

So, I started to build the digital project with LDD and, along with the chalet, I began to virtually build a mountain (on top of which the chalet had to be placed) and a small diorama to evaluate the dimensions of the complete building.

My original idea was ment to be completed with just 2 floors, but... I love to build the furnishing and, by trying to provide a complete set of furniture, I soon realised that the chalet needed one more floor, integrated in the roof.

By working in the weekends and by passing some night on the project, in a couple of months it's been completed; then, I've extracted the chalet from the LDD file, just to have the possibility to follow the real building of the more important part of the diorama and to have the chance to submit it as a "Lego Idea".

I strongly hope that other people with the passion both for Lego and for mountain, could enjoy this idea, as we have enjoyed and dreamt by building it.

Thank you very much for any kind of support, idea, question or suggestion.

Have a nice (and playful) day! 

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