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Oscar Madison NYC the Happy Wheelchair Dog



HAPPY EASTER! We truly enjoyed this LEGO adventure. I hope one day they do some wheelie pups and pets and much much luck to all hoping to get their set made!! :)

Much Love and lix from Oscar and Tiki and our whole family :)


Time is up?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone reading this can answer this question...

Is the 6 days it or will we get another year added on as per this official update?

I'm not getting an answer back currently from Lego and I cannot reply to the comment so just want to know if we will have another year or are we outta here :)

No matter what it's been fun, and I hope we inspired the people who took a look and I hope in the future Lego does add a wheelie pup in some way, a set or even a minifig like we pictured.  I want to thank everyone who supported us and if this is our last few days here it's been wonderful really.  All of us appreciate it so much!


The extra fun at the end of the Advent Calendar

The dollies started a LEGO Rescue Home and this is the full landscape view

and here is the Littlest LEGO Wheelchair pup they also "rescued"

This shows how cute a wheelchair dog mini figure could be too!

This is the whole album on Flickr. This was so much fun. I hope the next year's calendar has more animals in it!! :)



Oscar and Tiki's Advent Calendar Album Days 3, 4, 5 and 6

I'll post all the details on their pix in this album here to keep these updates from being extra long with text and links :) But I'll post the pix here in small batches over the holiday month and if you are curious what the messages are that went with them check out this album or check in daily on their Facebook page :)

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six


LEGO Advent Calendar Day Two :)

Oscar and Tiki's #AdventCalendar Day Two :) Oscar's turn but he found the second gift was located in the middle of the tree in the center of the box! Oscar sayz Momma HALP :) We opened it and.. It was skates and a seat for the cute dolly!

Often people ask if Oscar can get around in the snow. He can wheel fine when the sidewalks are clear but when the snow is deep he can play in his drag bag or ride on the sled :) Tiki has long leggies and she LOVES the snow (sometimes eats it too! :) )

#lego #flashbackfriday #snow #fun LEGO LEGO Ideas

Sled day!

First ever snow day with Oscar back in '12 (before Tiki joined us)

Oscar and Tiki together scootin around back during that storm named Nemo :)



LEGO Advent Calendar Day One :)

Tiki is so excited to open the first gift of she and Oscar's first ever Advent Calendar! It's of course by LEGO since you know we've been all about LEGO Ideas this year. Tiki found the first door and I helped her put her gift together. It's a cute dark haired Lego Girl! Tiki thinks she is lovely. Tiki sayz She has dark fur too! ;) Oscar will open up the next one 

It reminds us of the time that Oscar met Billie a cute dark furred gal

And of course our own Tiki with the pretty dark fur we laugh when we remember all her hallway ZOOMIES! :)

We look forward to opening and making every present until Christmas Eve and sharing pix and fun memories. Thank you Scoot Kirscht for being the inspiration for doing this we love you :) Happy First Day of December to all our friends :)

#AdventCalendar #Lego #LegoIdeas #December1st



Oscar meets the real life Dragon Fighters

  Watch Oscar meet the real life heroes of the Chinatown Dragon Fighters fire station that he dressed in honor of :) His attached costume base was done as a real firetruck from the station :)


Thank you LEGO that was very tweet of you :)

Thank you LEGO i got the giggles when I saw you liked Oscar's tweet :)

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