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Oscar Madison NYC the Happy Wheelchair Dog


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Rock and roll! Oscar may not be able to walk but he can run - and play - just like every other happy pup.  His set would include the bricks to make a back leg wheelchair, front leg wheelchair and four-wheeled wheelchair.  The real life inspiration for this set, Oscar himself, uses a back leg wheelchair, but he has many dog friends on social media who use front leg and four-wheeled wheelchairs.

We did not invent the doggy wheelchair, there are now many made, thankfully. When we adopted Oscar most people had no idea they existed, but now we know of many sources that make them for all sizes of dogs, even other animals.

LEGO is a part of growing up - who doesn’t remember their first little house and favorite figures with pride? Let’s make care and kindness toward animals an experience embedded in youth. A big or small set in a child’s life can mean huge things for empathy for animals.

Our idea is a concept and if LEGO chooses to add a minifigure of a wheelchair dog in the future we would love that. But the fun of Oscar’s set is building a way for special needs dogs to run and play with their friends at the LEGO dog run, just like Oscar does in real life.

You may see Oscar in real life on his Facebook page, Oscar Madison NYC and on Instagram Oxdad

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