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LEGO 2022 Formula 1 Remote Controlled Car


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There haven't been many LEGO Technic Formula 1 sets in recent years, the last one being the LEGO Grand Prix Racer (Set #42000). This was why I wanted to create a LEGO Formula 1 car that resembles the models of the upcoming 2022-spec cars. Because of the rise in Formula 1's popularity over the past few years, having an up-to-date model of a Formula 1 car as a LEGO set will help promote the LEGO brand among Formula 1 fans like me, and will also help promote it on a worldwide scale.

Along with it being a cool showpiece that can be put up for display, it is also remote controlled. Thanks to LEGO Power functions, the car can be driven and steered using a controller. I've designed it in different decals with the intention that LEGO will include these different designs to make it more fun to build and play with.

There are approximately 500 pieces. Some of the features of the set are:
  1. 1 Large motor for the drive
  2. 1 Servo motor for steering
  3. Independent Front Suspension
  4. Independent Rear Suspension
  5. Removable Front Wing
  6. IR Receiver to control the car
  7. Rear Brake Light

In addition, I've recently created a LEGO Mindstorms Speed Trap to measure the speed of the car. If you're interested, the code for it, and a photo of the speed trap, are in the link below:

Ultimately, if this car becomes a real LEGO set, it will be a win-win situation for both LEGO, and its Formula 1 Fans. Please support this idea so that we can make this a real LEGO set!

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