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Racing Museum


Welcome to the Racing Museum!

Young and old alike will be delighted by our collection of racing machines.  Cars, bikes, trucks, off-roaders and whatever else you can imagine can be found in this marvelous museum.  Tour three levels of fast and furious racers from vintage cars to Formula 1.  Take a break and get refreshments in the snack shop.  Buy some memorabilia in the gift shop.  You may bump into a famous racer or two.

This project grew out of a desire to display all the wonderful Speed Champions vehicles in addition to a variety of motorcycles and off-road racers I have collected.   The museum is a great way to gather together all types of vehicles in a display that can also serve as an addition to your Lego city.

Some of the images show how I have placed my own collection.  The set could not include all the vehicles shown in the filled museum, but the real fun comes from building your own personal collection of racers and having a place to display them.  

I designed a vintage racer to be included with the set, along with a driver.  This type of car has not appeared in the Speed Champions line or elsewhere in official Lego sets.  The snack bar and gift shop also come fully stocked and staffed.  The set would also include two security guards and a policeman.  After all, these are very valuable vehicles.

The footprint is 48 x 80 studs and the set includes approximately 2900 pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  The set was fun to design and build. 

Your support would be appreciated greatly.  If you liked this project, you might also want to check out my Luxury Hotel Barge.


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