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Luxury Hotel Barge



You have just won a free, all expense paid weeklong vacation for yourself and up to seven of your friends and family on this fabulous Luxury Hotel Barge.  You will cruise, dine, and sleep in style with daytime excursions to beautiful and historic locations.

The experienced crew will see to your every need.

The below deck accommodations include a Master suite, two Double suites, and a Queen suite.  All cabins have en suite bathrooms with showers.

The crew sleeps nearby with bunk beds and their own en suite bathroom.  they have ready access to the state of the art engine room which houses twin engines for ensured reliability.

Topside, there is a twin level sundeck with a spa!  The dining area, bar, and gourmet kitchen are under cover with wall to wall viewing windows.  Our Master Chef will serve up wonderful meals day and night.

The Captain's cabin is at the stern and he loves nothing better than to pilot his guests down beautiful waterways and strum his guitar in the evenings.  Parked behind his cabin are bikes for day trips.

Please come and enjoy our hospitality.  We know you'll have a great time.

The hotel barge was great fun to research, design, and build.  At just under the 3000 part limit, it is a big model.  It measures 34" long,  5.5 " wide, and 6 " tall.  As you can see from the pictures, the roofs come off the lounge and Captain's cabin, and the decking comes off in four easy to remove and very solid sections.  Access to all areas allows for extensive play possibilities.  All walls interlock at multiple points to provide an exceptionally stable model.  Play all you like!

If a family vacation sounds a bit to tame, you could travel alone and join seven mysterious strangers.  Who knows who you will encounter.  From what I've seen, even some baddies think this this boat would make a sweet hideout.  What better way to lay low after a big jewel heist?

Whatever your pleasure, please come for a cruise.  If you enjoy yourself, the crew and I would surely appreciate your support to help with our project, and don't forget to tell your friends.

Bon voyage!




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