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Benz Patent Motorwagen


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In this new chapter for the "Historical vehicles" theme, I tried to reproduce the Benz Patent Motorwagen.

The Patent Motorwagen "Velociped" was produced by Karl Benz in 1886, few months before Daimler's Motorkutsche, and is considered the first internal combustion vehicle ever. The 3-wheel feature does not allow to call it the first car, even though this point is still controverted.

This small build is based on the pictures available in the net. The metal parts in the real vehicles were painted with several colours, so I felt free to choose a colour set that matched my previous entries as more as possible (brown and tan for wooden parts, black for metal parts). 
The 6L beam in front of the model does not exist in the real vehicle; I added it to make the model stronger. A few custom parts would make the set more realistic, such as the front wheel holders (spanners are not the best) and the wheel itself.

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