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Winter House

The shown model represents a cozy, wintry house with a small Christmas tree next to it. It has a Quantity of 2101 pieces in total. All in all, I built one week. The house consists of three floors and the ground floor.
On the first floor I built a stable with three reindeers, which can be entered through the back door at the back (image 3). Maybe they are Santa`s reindeers?
The stairs on the side of the house lead to the second floor, but there is only a Storage-room with several boxes.
From there, another staircase leads to the Living-Area (image 3). There is a small Dining-Area with kitchen and Living-Corner with armchair and TV.
A ladder leads to the attic, including a small bathroom and a Sleeping-Area under a big skylight (image 4).
The Christmas tree in the snowcovered front yard should give the house a christmassy atmosphere.
I built it as the Christmas season is slowly approaching and and wanted to build a Lego-model for the occasion - a house in the winter seemed like the perfect choice.
This model is nice for the pre-Christmas period, because you can use it as Christmas decoration after building it. Maybe it would also make a set for Lego Architecture.

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