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the greatest sets of l.u.the stromling side of l.u. now realeased!!

I was extremely sad when Lego Universe ended so if we can't have l.u. we at least deserve sets ! like the stromling mech,the legendary Golden Hammer,Jet pack,satellite,and Triceratops when ur done reading this show some love and leave a support,(scroll down 2 see more)thx.

also,here is a photo of some bat lord gear ,the batlord helmet,shield and weapon all gr8 additions to any lego collection.(scrool down 2 see more).thx

buy the way...,here is a stromling from l.u. i know its not the best picture, but in better view its breathtaking! u'll wanna buy this as soon as it comes in stores... im working on making ,it able to shoot flick missiles!! keep me posted by commenting and keep supporting cause when it gets to 10,000 votes...IT BECOMES A SET!! so thx.

here is the pet side of l.u.!! here is the goat pet,and the robot dog pet!1 in the future i will have more pets but 4 now this is all ive got! so plz plz plz press would make my day thx.

here is a picture of a few more of some l.u. pets..! so enjoy and plz support this...its a nice thing to do...thx

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