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Modern Home

This is a Modern home that took me 2 months in total to build. It has 3 floors, and a roof deck. It has an expensive car parked in the driveway and some nicely arranged foliage around the foyer. The front window is built using a SNOT technique, which I happen to like. There are 2 trees on the property, a palm tree and a little tree. There is a nice stone and pebble pathway leading up to the front door. In the back, there is a pool with some toys and a diving board, an outdoor grille, a pool chair with umbrella, and generator and power unit. It also has an overhang by the backdoor for keeping dry in the rain and for style. I built this because I was inspired by all the modern homes in my area and I decided to try building a model of one for myself. I think this would make a great set because its very out of the ordinary and since I am still young (13), I wanted to see how many supporters I could get on my project, so I really hope you like it!

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