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Shell Gas Station


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      This is a model of a Shell Gas Station.  It features twelve gas pumps, three minifigures, a store, two cars, a gas delivery truck, three newspaper stands, an ice chest, an air pump, a dumpster, and a vacuum station. It is 1,705 bricks. I built it using LDD 4.3 .
       The reason this set is important to me is that my grandfather, who died in 2018 from FTD,  was a Shell Oil gas truck driver. I tried to base the gas truck driver minifigure after him. The store clerk is based off of my grandmother, who really did work at a gas station store at one point. The other minifigure is based off of my mom.
        I think it would make a cool Lego set because it's something that we've never seen before. Lego's Octan gas station have been made, but never a real-life gas station.
        I hope you agree that it would make a great Lego set and vote for it.   

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