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Mega Man Legends - Servbot


Mega Man Legends - Servbot Update

I started this project back in February this year and while I still have a lot to learn, I still enjoyed the experience building all this together for a pretty long time. However not long after I published this I felt that maybe there are some things here that I think I could do it a little better, and after playing and doing some research on mega man legends stuff, along with receiving some feedback from friends, family and others, I decided to edit this up a bit



+ Added Mega Man Volnutt and Roll Caskett Minifigures (along with some accessories)

+ Slightly improved Tron Bonne Minifigure

+ Reworked the Mega Man Helmet and Buster

+ Added additional facepieces

+ Reworked presentation and description

- Decreased part count from 2859 pieces to 2356 pieces (the Interior and some degree of the exterior between both the Servbot and the Helmet was a little bit too large and I felt like it deserves to be corrected)


Thank you so much for those who have been sticking around for this project, let’s make it happen together!

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