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Decorated Vase


A vase, inspired by a recent visit to Crete.

It is built entirely of bricks and plates. No slopes, wedges or any remotely special brick. 

Very colorful, and sports four images:

1) A walking Lego minifig, waving hello.

2) A red flower

3) Lightning strike

4) A tree.

(The images were chosen as a homage to my children.)

In between the images are cloudy and clear skies and some waving grass stalks . There are also decorative geometrical patterns - yellow-and-orange diagonal pattern on the bottom and black-and-white interlocking spirals at the top.

The vase comprises ~1300 bricks, stands about 60cm (2ft) and is about 30cm (1ft) at its widest. It is sturdy and symmetrical. Not too heavy, and if you are careful you can even lift it by the handles. It IS hollow, but to add strength to the structure I sealed it near the top, so there is only a shallow basin on the top.

The work is inspired by Art Of The Brick style and by having too many colored bricks with no use lying around.

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