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Miniature Castle


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Welcome to my miniature castle. 

Besides the opening gate it has no features.

Or has it?

The walls are mounted in a skewed octagon, creating a delicious oval shape. The castle has a garden, a stable (near the gate) and a smithy (behind the castle, on one of the diagonal walls). It features a watery moat, with the draw-bridge neatly covering it, when open. The drawbridge also neatly fits the gateway, when closed.

The fortification rests amid rolling green fields, and you can even examine the fertile soil underneath.

The castle proper featuers a large entry gate on the main thoroughfair - but not directly facing the gate - that is not secure, after all. It is surrounded by a garden and then a dirt track serving the other facilities. There are many turrets with golden domes, and the flag flies proud amid the buttresses on top. 

The model sits on a 24x24 base, and is less than 12 bricks high, so it can be a nice ornament that won't take too much room on your desk or shelves, but at over 550 bricks, it is also a challanging build with quite a few tricks hidden within.

Please support this model, if only to get lego to produce those golden knobs! I will probably update in the near future, because I think such a castle also needs a dragon to besiege it...

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