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City High Speed Train

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Hello, today I present the LEGO City Hight Speed Train. Based of the 1960's 12v train (7745 High-Speed City Express. this has a new twist on it. Styled in the famous French trains (The TGV) this examples are two carriages long. The trains have room for Power Functions in the Front and optional lights.

This example is using the same idea with a different colour scheme, the TGV La Poste would again have two carriages both with main etc in. This also has room for Power Functions and lights.

Extra carriages could be sold seperately for both trains. The right is a dining car with tables and refreshment areas and the right is a sleeping car with bunk beds.

All of the trains are 6 stud wide and are compatible with regular PF Tracks.

Thanks For Looking.

Link to 7745: www.

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