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Subnautica: Survivors of the Degasi


Survivors of the Degasi 2.0

Say hello to the newly rendered Survivors of the Degasi images!  Featuring a delicious new violet background to imitate the purple glow of the Jelly Shroom Caves and the wonderful HD quality of Bluerender.  

Also, I made slight modifications to the set itself.  Changes include:  resized new design of the Modification Station (which was way too big before); metallic color scheme switched to plain white and grey; addition of a Fabricator in the first multipurpose room; and various other small improvements around the base.  



Stay tuned for the next Subnautica set in the lineup!  Hint hint:  it'll drop (hopefully) some time around Halloween, so expect a spooky, "ghostly" set! *wink*


Thanks again for all the support on my projects, I seriously love every one of you guys.


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