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Long Live Vehicle (LLV)

This project is presenting the Long Live Vehicle (LLV) that has been the mail carrier vehicle in the United States. The first version came to use in the late eighties and the newer version (the one modelled after) early nineties, making it an icon for the last thirty years.

I build it because beside its simplicity, it is a highly recognizable vehicle worldwide, making its debut in movies and TV shows, it is also a statement to the exchange of ideas and information in a safe way. It has been a very important participant in carrying thousands of LEGO sets and parts for enjoyment and education to the recipients. I also happen to call it “My office”.

It will be a great LEGO set because it has been modeled to the nearest detail of the original vehicle at about 220 pieces and five stickers, two for the glass doors and three for the side and back door icons. The minifigure and accessories are included in the previously mentioned amount of pieces. All four mirrors are movable as well as the sliding doors and the back door. This version meets compatibility with several LEGO themes currently in development and its longevity makes it a classic commercial vehicle, making it marketable and educational. Its dimensions are, High: 2 ½” or 6.3 cm, Length: 6” or 15 cm Wide: 3 ¼” or 8 cm (from mirror to mirror).

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