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Outdoor Pool


Outdoor pool

This set features a typical open air swimming pool. It has a small modern building with detailed interior. At the entrance is a cash cottage where you pay to get in. After the payment you can walk through the turnstile and you're in! Now you can go to one of the changing rooms to change your clothes. After that you can put your street clothing into the locker and take a cold shower. The big pool offers two lanes for sporty swimming. Of course there are also deck chairs for relaxing and sunbathing. The iceman offers cool and delicious icecream wih crispy waffles, perfect to cool down ;). 

The set is built on a 32x32 baseplate. This was a big problem in the design process, because I had to use the space very efficiently. I built the entire model with real bricks, since especially the water looks much better in real. I hope you like the design and idea.

I thank you in advance for supporting and your comments!

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