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Lego City Camping Adventure

Lots of Lego families want to escape the busy daily routine of Lego City.
Now they have a perfect place to chill out and enjoy the nature: A Lego campsite!
You can go fishing, cook sausages, make firewood or simply chill out and enjoy the nature.
The set includes a tent with full interior, a campfire with seats, two fir trees, a small lake (with beaver) and a log to chop firewood.
I hope you like it!
Please support and comment!
PS. I'm open for suggestions too!

The framework and the interior of the tent. It includes an oil lamp and a box with some camping stuff like a pan, a torch, a baguette and more. All minifigs can fit inside for sleeping.

The minifigures you'll get in this set.

Here you can see the small wood and a beaver who eats some wood.

I hope you like my set!
Please support it!
Oh and be aware of beavers!

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