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Red & white sports car

This is an open concept sports car. Its dimensions are approximately 200 mm x 60 mm.

I wanted to come up with a vehicle with many functions. I was originally going to build a blue car but I quickly realized that I didn’t have enough pieces. That’s when I saw that I had a lot of red and white pieces. I then decided: why not build a red a white car? 

Some challenges I had while building  the set include making the piston move (accomplished by LEGO Technic gears), building a trunk, and making the doors hinge in and out.

I’m quite happy with the results of this car.

This set has a trunk and a hatch that can open and close, a moving piston (automated by the wheels), moving doors, and two seats in which the heights can be adjusted. 

I believe that this car would make a great set due to its simplicity and its playability.

In total, this set consists of about 250 pieces.

Please support.

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