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High Speed Club Car


Just for fun and possible inspiration for more supporters

Here are 5 different train cars based on the same design as the Club Car design.
(From Left to Right)

Bar Car (Complete with Bar, drinks, bartender, drink station, coffee maker, cupboard and cups.  Bathroom & Toilet)

Dining Car (Complete with Dining tables and ceiling lanterns)

Vista Dome (Complete with large seating arrangement and glass roof for sight seeing, complete with suitcase storage)

Sleeper Car (Complete with 4 bedrooms and 8 beds)
Observation Car (Complete with large seating, rear curved glass window

Again this is only for inspiration for you the supporters to support my idea for the Club Car to make great train sets like the one pictured.  You have the imagination, You have the power to make this become a reality.  


Better Pictures

My design will be available for voting on BrickLink soon.  There you can purchase the parts needed to build this MOC

I hope to have another update soon.  Stay tuned!


First Prototype images!!

Here are the first prototype images.  I am slowly piecing together the prototype however I don't have all the pieces just yet, but to give you guys a prototype image quicker, I improvised with pieces I had on hand

(Note: The blue and black pieces on the sides and trans-red on the ends are NOT the correct pieces!!)

Clicking the image or links below will enlarge the photo and also show the whole image (un-cropped)

Click HERE or Image above to enlarge Photo:

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STAY TUNED for further updates!!

Thank You for your support!!  Please spread the word if you want this to be a real set!!


New Images (however....)

**DUE TO LIMITATIONS ON LEGO IDEAS, ALL IMAGES SEEM TO BE CROPPED.  I will try to work out the images problem but this is more of a nuisance than I have patience for lol.

This is the working final design in progress.  I hope to have a final prototype built within the next two weeks.  Until then, please enjoy my latest images of the design.  Again I'm sorry for the cropped images.  The website will not let me upload images without it auto-cropping them.


I will try to post better images soon.  Again I apologize for the problems and hope you will support my Ideas Project


And for a bonus, just a teaser of a design I've been working on to match the highspeed club car and Lego #60051


Modular Update

The improved Modular has been counted to have just under 400 pcs total (excluding mini-figs)
Here is a new screenshot of the improved modular version (its much more in scale to the original design)

Here is a shot of both modular versions together. (Left: Model 4, Right: Model 3 prototype)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here is the club car fully assembled with all modules:

Stay Tuned for updates!


Update 1: New Modular design added

This is a modular version of the car I am working on that lets you gain access to both Passenger compartments.

The total of amount of capacity the car can handle is 16 mini-figs, complete with seats for each.  The dome has dining tables and a couple of light discs to light the area.

I am still tweaking this design until I am completely satisfied with it. 
First two cars are from the High Speed Train #60051, followed by the original Club Car design I submitted here, then another from #60051 followed by the modular Club Car design.  I am very happy with the exterior design of the original, still not satisfied with the modular design, seems too tall.

Passenger compartment 2 and Vista Dome cover

The club car with all modules detached.  The passenger compartment and Vista dome cover.

The interior of the upper passenger compartment (also detachable).  Each table has a spot for two suitcases, and seats 6 total mini-figs.

Closeup view of the passenger area occupied.  (Due to limitations in LDD I wasn't able to fill the entire bottom passenger area)

In this photo the Club Car on the left is the original design (NOT modular) with the Club Car on the right being the new Modular design.

While there are two designs here, my favorite one is the original that I made, so I am still tweaking the modular design.

Note: The non-modular design cannot seat as many mini-figs, however there is more space in the bottom passenger area for more interior work.

I hope you like my designs and I again Thank You for your support.

With Your Help, you can bring back the Legendary Club Car with an updated modern look with a modular design that goes with the new High Speed Train released in 2014!

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