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Cosmic Hyper Cruiser


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Rocketing through space is the LEGO Cosmic Hyper Cruiser, and I hope it can count on your support! Featuring several play functions, plenty of detail, and a unique building style, this ship has everything and anything fans of LEGO Space could ever want!


The Cosmic Hyper Cruiser weighs in at about 950 bricks, and measures roughly 19.5 inches (50 cm) long when the wings are folded down in the landing position. This spacecraft boasts a unique gear-operated, tri-folding function, which allows three wings to be simultaneously raised or lowered, depending on whether the CHC is lifting off, or returning from another adventure. While I do not claim to be the first to use this building technique, I have not seen something quite like this before. In addition to the folding wings, this ship has foldable landing gear which can be easily deployed or retracted. The cockpit seats two LEGO Spacemen comfortably, with plenty of control panels and monitors to help navigation and communication. Although not exactly lightweight, this ship is designed to be held easily, with the rear landing foot doubling as a sturdy handle for playing. As you can see in the pictures, there is LOTS of detail on the CHC, keeping with the Neo Classic Space tradition. Don’t be fooled, though, none of this detail is fragile, so you need not worry about little odds and ends falling off! The cockpit is reinforced twice-over to the rear segment with Technic beams and mini ball-and-socket joints.  


Coupled with the CHC is an All-Terrain Supply Rover, which is also full of play potential. Besides being articulated for a more realistic design, the rover features four individual suspension systems for each of its wheels, meaning every kind of alien terrain is no match for it! While solidly built, the rover has less than 180 bricks, which means it can cross vast distances quickly and confidently. The rover also carries two special supply palettes, one of which can be carried by the CHC, depending on the mission. Whether transporting mineral sample crates or solar battery cannisters, both the Supply Rover and Cosmic Hyper Cruiser can easily carry the precious cargo! The rover also contains plenty of space for gear, and a satellite dish to receive messages from the CHC, no matter how far away it is. Along for the adventure is an android, which in addition to loading the cargo onto both the rover and spaceship, can help run scans across planet surfaces for new mineral discoveries and other scientific research.


Classic Space is one of the most iconic LEGO themes of all time, and still has a loyal following around the world today. The overnight sell-out of the Benny’s Space Crew set from the LEGO Movie 2 line proves fans are still very interested in pursuing adventures out in space! This set pays respect to the classic line with the color scheme of light grey, blue, translucent yellow, and the ever-present ‘bumblebee’ stripes. Old fans will appreciate the familiar elements, while younger fans can enjoy a variety of play features. One thing is for sure, fans both young and young at heart can enjoy a unique and fun building experience the Cosmic Hyper Cruiser offers. Thank you for supporting this project; Classic Space is one of my personal favorite LEGO lines, and has special meaning to me, just like many others. Please share, and together we can bring this spaceship on countless adventures across the cosmos!


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