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LEGO MOC Smartphone


LEGO Smartphone


This is my new idea for a LEGO smartphone. I’d never really seen a good model of a 1:1 scale smartphone, so I decided that I should be the one to take the first step and make one. I didn't go after a specific model. I did that so that it could be more universal and more could relate to it.

The smartphone is a super realistic 1:1 moc of a real phone. The slick design and its overall realism makes it look great. I took the best of all morden phones and made one "Super phone." if you can call it that.


Here are the details

The set consists of 157 bricks.


The set is 20 by 9 by 1 ⅔ bricks. 


And for the last the set comes with an Ultra 4K HD touch screen. Na I’m just kidding it is all bricks.



I hope you like my idea and that you will suport it with a like.

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