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Tabletop Aquarium

  If you like aquariums but don't like the maintenance, then a Lego aquarium is perfect for your tabletop! I am submitting my Tabletop Aquarium to Lego Ideas in the hopes that it can become a Lego set which others can enjoy also.

  I created my aquarium model as a tribute to real life aquariums. I have always loved to watch fish swim around but managing the water in the tank takes time and money. However, I can pretend the fish in my model are swimming without all the water related work of the real thing.

  My goal was to create a realistic looking aquarium. This design is packed with fish which are mounted so that they appear to be really swimming. It also includes many other objects found in classic aquariums such as plants, other animals, gravel, and a castle for the fish to explore. I like to add some humor to my models, so I included a scuba diver who is fishing. I also included a sunken boat with a treasure chest and a 'treasure seeker' who tried to recover it.

  For added realism and play value, the tank is mounted on a base with drawers. I have provided for many small containers which fit in the drawers. These are for fish food, treats, supplies, and cleaning. So you can even 'feed' the fish and manage the water quality if you want to.

  As a member of a Lego User Group, I have brought the aquarium to many display events where it has been very popular with visitors of all ages. It showcases some creative building techniques (such as how the fish and boat are mounted and how the drawers work).

  The model is very sturdy as it has traveled to many display events without structural damage. However, it also has a modular attitude. It has five distinct sections during construction. The front glass is also pretty easy to take out to provide for easy access to make changes in the tank.

  Realistic looking aquarium with fish and plants
  Includes many water related animals and objects
  Sunken boat with treasure chest, treasure seeker, and map
  Base with 2 storage drawers
  Accessory containers for play options
  Fishing scuba diver
  Hinged classic aquarium hood for easy access and viewing

  Pieces: 614
  Width:  10"
  Depth:   5"
  Height:  6"

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