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Ultimate Catapult


Catapult your way into victory!

The word ultimate is not used lightly, so why is this catapult worthy of being called ultimate?

The ultimate catapult is so ultimate, that it has 2 large buckets that actually use smaller catapults as ammo and hurls them to where they need to land.  But that's not all! There are also 4 smaller catapults that can also launch mini cylinder rocks. That's 6 buckets in 1 catapult! If that's not a ultimate catapult, I don’t know what is.

The catapult is mounted on a platform and is moved around with the 4 metal wheels it has.
Gold inlays all over the catapult for that premium feel.

Set comes with:
1 pc ultimate catapult (6 catapults)
2 pcs mini catapults (for ammo)
many many cylinder rocks


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