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Winter Village Police Station


Does your winter village need a police station?! Especially considering there are so many crooks on the lose after all the Christmas presents!

Truth is...There are so many crooks on the run in the Lego city and they always come with the annual advent calendar, so it's time for a Winter Police Station!

The station comes complete with a surveillance light out the front of the public enquiry entrance and there is also an alternate door for police entrance. The front comes decorated with christmas lights too. 

Inside, there is a waiting area for the public and a surveillance camera to keep an eye on any suspicious visitors. The weapons room sits about with spare handcuffs and two different variety of guns. On the lower level across to the right the policeman is busy doing some last minute computer work before heading out on the bike patrol. Behind him you will see one of the wanted posters featuring one of the criminals on the loose!



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