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SW Arena Beasts


New Arena Project Similar to this one

I have made a new Geonosis Arena Project which is very similar to this one. Although I have made the scales of the beasts more appropriate reducing brick count making it more likely to pass a LEGO review stage.

You can check out the project at:


Facebook Page for the Project

You can also come and show you support on the Facebook page here: To bring more awareness to the project. See you there!


Reaching 200 Supporters! / Anybody want to review the project on Youtube?

As I was writing this the project was at 194 supporters! Little is left to get to 200 which is only 160 supporters less than my original project of the arena which was my first project on Lego ideas! It's amazing how much a different angle and some improvements can do to whether or not somebody clicks on the project.

Although I must say that I have been sharing the project double the amount from what I did for my first, yet I can see a big difference solely on the strength of the two projects on themselves.

I'm doing as much as I can to get more people to view it but it is mostly up to you all now. If all of you would be able to get at least 10 more supporters each that would make a huge difference.

Also does anybody want to make a professional video of the project on YouTube? I don't mind if lots of people make them but they need to  be clear on what is is and that we need supporters to make it into a real set. All help is appreciated. Would be amazing if some of you do this for me and more importantly this Lego set which could be yours!


Acklay Mouth Decal close up

Just in case you are interested to know. This is the texture that I used for making the Acklay's mouth. The black oval is it's middle eye. I made it using Office PowerPoint (with the shape tools) and saved it as a image and then cropped it with Photoshop.

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