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Hockey Rink with Players


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Hockey Pride

I decided to make this rink as we hadn't had a set with one for a while now and I think it'd be nice to bring it back. It'd be nice to see if we can't get actual teams to sign off on letting their logos be used so we can have player packs that people can buy and populate the rink with.

The score board is blank for now but I'd like to have tiles on it with one saying Home and the other saying Away with the scores underneath in transparent red tiles.

It'd also be cool if we could some how make it into a playable set like a table hockey game. I'm not just good enough with Technic to do up a model of it.

Feel free to comment if you feel like anything is missing and would like additions and improvements. I'll keep trying to use LDD to do up a playable set and add anything else depending on requests.

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