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Farm Mech



hello friends , I present this little update on my farm mech .
I decided to include a feature that could risulare interesting.
The ability to change arm !!
I know it sounds bad but it could be that our mech should play a really heavy and demanding job , so why not give it a chance to succeed very well ?So I decided to include in the project a small storage that allows you to lay the default arm and swap it with the new one .
For this new arm, I thought of a design reminiscent of the bulldozers on construction sites , in fact abbiama a huge shovel instead of a hand , the classic yellow paint and a " really powerful look"
In addition there are sixteen pieces used to simulate the ground that we can sollevarecon arm .
Part will be similar to pure earth and the other on the ground with a lot of grass attached .
and it may be contained in the small containers near the support of the mechanical arm.I hope can be a good upgrade for this set.
Bye and see you soon :D


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