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Farm Mech


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Hello friends I am here to introduce my little project.
I know it may seem strange and meaningless, but the idea came to me after I asked: "How would it be if there were one?"

So I set to work, and I tried to make a set that might like to anyone, from the child who faces the world of bricks, to the adult collector.
And maybe it could be a starting point for a new line of Lego set.

I know, you probably think that will not look good in a classic lego farm, but it's the beauty !!
Things changed, and alongside this mech to your work machines.

This machine has various functions: the first has two massive mechanical arms with working hands can lift anything (with a tool holder), perfectly articulated as the legs.
On the back of two small containers, packs and a shovel holder, on the front bumper a hook for transportation and can rotate his bust
There are also the farmer , six hay bales and a platform to be attached to the hook

The design that I wanted to use , as far as we are talking about mech , is the most classic and old agricultural that the man has known , an old radiator , taillights in the style of the 20s and on arms and legs I applied pieces that refer the old plates used in the the last century machinery industries and a old engine on the back.

It 's a set that does not want to overdo it , but who wants to bring a bit of diversity and fun in your homes .

Bye and thank you all :D

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