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Townhall Gouda


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The Old Townhall Gouda, Netherlands

The Old Townhall located in the historic city Gouda in the Netherlands is one of the most famous and oldest Gothic townhalls in the Netherlands.
Construction started in 1448 and finsihed 1459, and has been in use as the townhall until 2012.
It is currently in use for amongst others wedding ceremonies, parties, events and meetings.

The model has a 14x38 studs base and exists of 1136 parts. The relative high amount of parts for this model is mainly caused by the building techniques used for the sidewalls abd back, commonly known as SNOT (Studs Not On Top) to be able to create the correct amount and offset of the windows and shutters.

The model is designed in the Architecture style and I believe it's a great addition to this series as it shows a lot of detail on a small scale and would be one of the oldest buildings represented in a Lego set, especially a Gothic one.

In Japan an almost exact copy of the Townhall was built in the themepark 'Huis ten Bosch', which also contains several other famous Dutch buildings.

Thank you all for showing interest in this model and hopefully support it.


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