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Gold Rush Mine Train Roller Coaster



Thank you for the great support so far!




Western themed arcade games!

Thank you for your support! 

I've added the following western themed arcade games to keep the minifigures entertained:

  • 'Dyna-Wack' which actually works! Hitting one dynamite stick down will raise another up.
  • 'Outlaw' shooter game.
  • An air hockey table with a golden puck, which is just about big enough to actually play!
  • 'All-Star Sheriff' punchbag game which has a swinging punchbag.

I've also added the following details:

  • A photo viewer, keypad and photo printer.
  • The top of the mine and the toilets are now more rocky.
  • 'Danger' and 'Keep Out' signs to the mine.
  • Added a small wall to the control tower to stop and workers falling out!

It's nearly 2200 pieces (my previous total didn't account for grouped pieces!).