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The Incredibles: Omnidroid

The Incredibles is one of the greatest superhero movies of all time and is a movie for all ages. By making this into a set, we capture the childhood of many fans. Minifigures already exist for The Incredibles and are highly desirable. This set perfectly pairs with existing LEGO Ideas sets and would unlock wonderful childhood memories.

The build is complicated enough for the older fans to join with a technic interior that features a sliding up and down pole to capture the key aspects of the omnidroid. The build is mainly formed by a SNOT technique with exposed studs on the sides of the build to capture the spherical shape of the omnidroid. Technic joints are used for the legs to capture the design but also provide support and functionality.

The feet are built in a way that allows for wide articulation to recreate scenes from the movie and pose the build however the consumer wants.

It would mean the world if you supported my project. Thank you so much!

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