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Mo Willem's The Pigeon


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This is a model of The Pigeon from Mo Willem's picture book series. The model I made is from The Pigeon Finds A Hotdog. I have wanted to build Pigeon for a long time, as he is my favorite character from Mo Willems' books, but I have never had the right pieces. With the digital bricks I was finally able to build him. I am quite pleased with the finished result and I hope other people will enjoy this build as much as I did building it.

This project contains:
The Pigeon himself and a hot dog. (The hot dog can be detached from the Pigeons' "hands").
For stability's sake Pigeon is firmly attached to the stand, but he can be removed from it if necessary. The build contains 248 pieces. I think this would make a good set because it is a simple build that people of all ages can enjoy.

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